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Entobiz is a sustainable and circular economy business where high value bioactive products are generated.

We are a solution to the world’s feeding needs by means of using the miracle of nature, respect for the environment and its sustainability. Taking as reference important issues, such as natural resources, clean energies, land and sea conservation, food sustainability and waste recycling, Entobiz has implanted a disruptive business model around Micro Farming, which will lead to a global improvement impact on the world’s habitability.
Understanding that changes occurring at all levels modify previous paradigms and open new horizons for entrepreneurial opportunities, Entobiz has been created to obtain, intervene and occupy a place as a significant player in new business niches that appear, due to regulatory alterations, new habits and lifestyle changes.

Why we do this?

Why we do this?

By 2050 the world’s population will surpass 9,1 billion, 34% higher than today. The FAO proclaims that expanding land for agriculture is not a sustainable option. 
Oceans are over exploited and climate change is causing a decrease in water which will make things even worse for food production. Climate change will affect agriculture and forestry ecosystems due to a rise in temperature and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations which will bring heavier rains, bad weeds, plagues and diseases.
In order to confront these challenges and a potential famine, the UN states that we have to reevaluate our diets and this is where insects come in as a source of protein.

Our mission and our vision

Our mission and our vision

Our mission
To generate high value bio-active products for animal feed and ecological manure for agriculture.

Our vision
To be a world reference in Insect-for-feed for the animal and human industry, as well as organic manure production.

To be present in developed and underdeveloped countries helping humanity and our planet towards improvement of sustainability.

Our advantages

From 58% to 85% of protein

Geographic closeness to the market

Less gas emissions than any other ways of farming.

Very little use of water. Great recycling solution

What can we produce

Protein Flour

The protein flour is the perfect soy flour substitute in order to produce animal food

Ecologic Manure

Perfectly restores soil productivity, improves plant growth


Wholesale at a bargain price


Completely natural product, free of foreign matter


Chitin as proved useful for several medicinal, industrial and biotechnological purposes

Our process


Innovation, based on in depth investigation, is the only evolutionary cause to take in order to secure the systems, models, formulas and processes. These are needed in the development of a growing business to operate round the feeding industry, the environmental conservation and the sustainable production of feed. It should have the sufficient size and scope to have a relevant impact in the market and help in the improvement and efficacy of current systems of waste recycling and food production in a respectful, efficient and sustainable way.

  • Step 1. Insect
  • Step 2. Larvae
  • Step 3. Organic waste
  • Step 4. Fattening
  • Step 5. Final product

Our Biodigestor and Implementation System


Technological effort

Our Biodigestor keep our larvae in the ideal environment regardless of the geographical location where they are installed.
They are the result of a technological effort to achieve greater efficiency



● It is a set made up of buildings, machinery and climate and environmental control systems that:
● They are built according to the by-product or waste available.
● They are preferably located on the land of our clients or partners.
● They are equipped to admit the greatest amount of biomass in the smallest possible space.
● They work in a programmed way, maintaining the optimal climatic constants.
● They do not generate waste or emissions.
● They make the ancestral process carried out by the larvae to be industrially scalable.



  Buildings totally isolated from the environment and the weather.
● Size and dimensions tailored to the available tons
● Climatically autonomous and compartmentalized
● Equipped with Elimination Trains up to six meters high
● Temperature, humidity, air quality and biomass densities controlled every linear meter 24/7
● The technology applied to a process as natural and ancestral as a larva feeding on a by-product or organic residue


Why with us?

With our Implant model we share our income with the industry that generates the by-products or waste:
● We transform disposal costs into revenue.
● We commit ourselves by signing 15-year contracts.
● As our own Work Center, we manage the day-to-day of our activity.
● We guarantee income with a fixed fee for the life of the contract.
● We hire local personnel, we generate Green Employment.
● We take care of everything necessary for the start-up and day-to-day operation.

Waste Management

We completely eliminate by-products and organic waste within the Circular Economy
We reduce management costs and generate new income

Sewage Treatment Plants

Our proposal is aimed at the implantation of a BARO Aerobic Biodigestor. The installation is carried out on the grounds of the treatment plant or on neighboring lands for the elimination of sewage sludge and sludge with a high moisture content.
We significantly reduce the energy costs produced in the dewatering process and avoid the expenses associated with sludge management by converting the WWTP into a plant that does not emit or produce sludge by transforming these into different valuable products.
In our Implant model, we also, can generate new income with the sludge for the management company.
In cases where plants generate digestates, our system eliminates them in the same way.


Agriculture and Livestock

In Agriculture we impact in two relevant ways:
● We eliminate by-products and waste, surplus or products not suitable for sale● We provide high quality natural fertilizers (solid and liquid)
In the livestock sector we impact in two quite different ways:
● We eliminate any kind of manure or slurry in a very efficient way: we combine the available solutions with the management of excess liquid and solid parts● We offer live or dehydrated larvae, quality protein meals and fats/oils as raw materials for animal feed.
In our Implant model we can generate new income for farmers and ranchers in each case.

Food Industry, Groceries stores

Organic waste and by-products are a problem with a costly and difficult solution and its eventual use as livestock fodder does not guarantee its continuity over time.
Gas production systems and their inclusion for obtaining biofuels is expensive and ineffective.
Our solutions of by-products and organic waste total elimination are : natural, biological, sustainable and in the food industry less expensive than any other existing one.
By-products and organic waste that come from food industries ( processors, frozen and canned factories, vegetable manufacturers...) used as a diet for our insects, reduces the costs of its treatment, physical space and management expenses as they can be completely eliminated "in situ" and could generate new ways of income.
With no environmental impact, the exploitation of our biodigestor allows a practically zero emission. Waste is eliminated in an efficient way with our industrial biotechnology methods.
Our system accelerates the inclusion of the food industry in the Circular Economy and in the worldwide objective of zero waste.

Olive Sector, Breweries and Vineyards

In agriculture we impact in different relevant ways by implementing our OEN system:● We eliminate by-products and waste, "alperujo" (byproduct of the olive oil production) , olive leaf, bagasse with no environmental contamination● We provide natural, solid high quality fertilizers● We avoid risks of "flow breakage" in the oil mills● We save in transportation costs.● We create local employment
With our Implant model we propose savings and new income for olive oil, wine, beer producers and oil mills in each case.

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Our Markets

Agriculture and gardeningAs mentioned before, the leftover of the waste treated by the larvae is high quality fertilizer that we will also plan to sell at a very competitive price in the market.
Pharma and Personal CareBy “rendering” our product we can extract the different bio-active elements: Protein, Oil, Chitin, Lipids and other amino acids.
Human FeedWe will also begin to explore the human food market. We can only begin to sell in some international countries like UK, Belgium and The Netherlands.
Farm manure degradationEntobiz is the perfect solution for the organic waste issue on farms. The process is implanted on site and waste is eliminated in a short time, therefore preventing subsoil pollution.Agreements can be carried out directly with farms, farming associations, cooperatives and public institutions.

Why invest?

This is a huge opportunity for investors to be part of the present
and future in animal and human feed and there are a number of
very important benefits that investors must account for:


A simple and unique technology to replicate in many local areas offering a simple solution to operators looking for a
solution to their waste problem.


A demanding market for Novel Food and helping the planet sustainability


An experienced team with over 7 years building the project


A Social and ethical investment, contributing to local employment, protecting environment and sustainable
Reducing food print


A quick ROI and a sustainable  economical model


Important grants from EU and local authorities, High investment from Private Equity accelerating in 2017

Want to work with us?

Picture about the company

Our research and development

Entobiz has already developed a breeding unit, and aproduction unit replicable and scalable thanks to asoftware helping to control environment and uniquedesign of a insect production facility.


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